The laws in the Middle East prohibit boys and girls from attending the same school. 

Therefore, Kathy’s House has partnered with a local church to build a two story boys school for one thousand boys. 

We have recently helped financially to build a one story girls school which accommodates 500 girls next to the boys school.  Both schools are at full capacity.

There are future goals to build playgrounds for the children. This will be possible due to generous people like you.

In 2014 Kathy’s House became involved in helping free slaves and rescue sex-trafficking victims by providing education and employment in third world countries. The muslim population in these countries consider these individuals infidels, unworthy of education, nor rights to a birth certificate.   They live in slums and become slaves in brick and rug factories.

We have heard the cries of the families placed into slavery, kidnapped, beaten and sometimes killed because of their gender or religious beliefs.

The new branch of Kathy’s House is Global Community Outreach which raises funds to release these people from bondage.