Middle East

Global Community Outreach

Slave Rescue — In the summer of 2016 Global Community Outreach, along with our partner ministries, sent a team to the Middle East with the mission of rescuing as many families as possible from slavery.  Over $120,000 was raised through Kathy's House and Mariam's Fund to purchase the freedom of these Christian slaves.  Our team was able to rescue over 4,000 men, women, and children who were bound in slavery among 12 different brick factories.  Christian slaves all across this Middle Eastern country are forced to work in brick factories and live in fear of their owners. They work in extremely harsh, degrading, and dehumanizing conditions. Many are mutilated, molested, or even killed by their owners to strike fear into the hearts of other slaves. Prior to this trip, the local government had closed down several brick factories due to the excessive slave abuse, which was a great opportunity for our team to rescue a huge population of people from those closed down factories.

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Global Community Outreach is a division of Kathy’s House devoted to international ministry and sharing the love of God to people in foreign countries.  While our ministry projects continuously vary from country to country, our mission remains the same — to share the love, freedom, and salvation found in Jesus Christ.

Boys and Girls School — In 2013 Global Community Outreach, along with our partner ministries, built two brand new school buildings in the Middle East and provided funding to equip the schools with a well-qualified staff.  Due to religious laws in this country, girls and boys are not allowed to be educated together.  This is why two separate buildings were constructed for the girls and boys in this impoverished community.  These were the community’s very first educational facilities, and the first time children in this area had an opportunity to receive a formal education.  Both schools are at full capacity, and we are currently building a second floor on the girls school to increase attendance from the current 500 female students to a total of 1,000 female students.  Ideally, the increased amount of classrooms will also provide more job opportunities for teachers in the community.  Today we continue to support both schools as they provide a well rounded education to the children in the community. The first school we built received government accreditation, which enables all students to receive free books, free testing, and the ability to matriculate to a university.  Since receiving this accreditation, many smaller schools around the country have associated with our school system as satellite campuses which multiplies the impact of our schools.

Playground Project — After the boys' and girls' schools were built, and more and more students began filling the classrooms, Global Community Outreach started focusing on building a proper playground area for the children attending the schools.  This playground now serves as a safe area where children can run and play with each other - an activity they were never able to do while they were in the bondage of slavery.  ​The spacious property designated for the playground is situated between both school buildings, and is located in a strategic area where the Christian and Muslim neighborhoods converge in the community.  Since the playground is also open to other children in the community who do not attend our schools, this serves as a great outreach to local Muslim children and their families.